White Space - Solving life's challenges, one app at a time.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. So what is this place about?

The purpose of Ytspace is to develop applications and integrated solutions that simplify and streamline everyday tasks that we are plagued with. From muting ads on Pandora, to life coaching and automated reminders, apps are designed with a single purpose in mind but will be integrated in the future as part of a broader life platform.

2. Ok, you develop apps – where and what are they?

Presently, there are two applications in active development with many more in the development pipeline. One is a mobile application for monitoring social safety with the goal of encouraging sensible imbibement, resulting in a safer day/evening and a more productive post activity day. The other application is an audio ad blocker, designed for Chrome Cast users.

3. When are these apps coming and are they going to cost anything?

The apps will be ready when they are ready. Both applications are in alpha and will need to go through a beta test phase before being made available to the public.

Applications developed by the Ytspace company will be free and in many cases open source. Making money isn’t why the company exists. The primary directive of the company is to improve the quality of one’s life through efficiency gains, resulting in more free time to spend on important things, from spending time with family to embarking on the next startup.

The bottom line is we don’t want to create a financial barrier to adoption. That isn’t to say in the far far distant future, we may decide to monetize our applications and this would only happen, if our applications can provide significant value to the user.

4. Where can I find out more?

Follow Ytspace on Twitter for future app updates: @ytspace_